July 2010

HASI KA KHAZANA - Jatinder Pal Singh Jolly (“Jolly Uncle”)

HASI KA KHAZANA is a family friendly joke book by Meerut born Hindi writer Jatinder Pal Singh Jolly (who is also known by his pen name "Jolly Uncle"). Jolly Uncle started his writing career writing columns and articles for leading newspapers across India. His articles, columns, and books specialize primarily on humorous jokes - that are family friendly and enjoyed by people of all ages.

The book, HASI KA KHAZANA, is the first joke book Jolly Uncle has ever written. The book has been successful at capturing the social and everyday comedy the author is so well known for. It has been called a must read by many publications across India. Jolly Uncle is currently in the process of writing additional books with a focus on family, social issues, and of course - comedy.